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Weird foods around the world


Weird foods around the world

Have you ever heard of a dish called Balut, Haggis, or even Sannakji? These are just a few examples of the weird and wonderful foods that are consumed around the world. While some may find the thought of eating these foods strange or even repulsive, they are an imperative fraction of many cultures and traditions.

One of the most well-known examples of strange food is Balut, a dish that’s popular in Southeast Asia, particularly in the Philippines. Balut is a boiled duck egg that has developed an embryo, which is typically eaten directly from the shell. While this may sound strange to some, it is considered a delicacy and is often enjoyed as a snack or appetizer in these regions.


Another example is Haggis, a Scottish dish that is made up of a sheep’s heart, liver, and lungs, mixed with onion, oatmeal, and spices, then cooked in the animal’s stomach. Although it may not sound very appetizing, it is a dish that has been enjoyed by the Scottish for hundreds of years and is an important part of their cultural heritage.


Surströmming is a Swedish specialty that consists of fermented Baltic Sea herring. Due to its strong and pungent odor, it can be difficult to stomach for many people. However, for those who are brave enough to try it, it is said to have a unique and delicious flavor.


One dish that has become increasingly popular in Mexico is Escamoles, which are the edible larvae of ants. They are often called “insect caviar”, and while they may sound unappealing to some, they are a delicacy in many regions of Mexico.

Although it may seem strange to some people, these dishes are often deeply ingrained in the culture and traditions of the people who consume them. For example, Jellied moose nose is a traditional Canadian dish that has been enjoyed for generations, especially in places where food resources were scarce. Similarly, Rocky Mountain Oysters are a popular dish in the Western United States, where they have been consumed for decades.

Jellied moose nose dish

While some of these dishes may seem off-putting to some, they are an important reminder of the diverse and fascinating world we live in. Maybe, it’s time to embrace these unique culinary experiences and explore the vast array of flavors and cultures that our world has to offer.

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