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Hiring & Trainings

We provide full support to our clients in finding an apt location for the brand as well as organizing interviews relating to the staff members recruitment.

Hiring & Trainings

The Workforce is the main aspect of an organization. All jobs require manpower and skills which is why recruitment is given immense importance.


CYK Hospitalities assist you in hiring talented personnel who will get the job done at an optimal cost. Hiring people devoted to the cause of your venture and pouring in all the hard work is our sole motive. We conduct a survey and proper research on the people fulfilling certain criteria, shortlist them, and hold a personal interview with our client who takes the ultimate decision.

The whole process is held under proper surveillance and client requirements. There are various ways of recruiting personnel like company ads, awareness on social media platforms, employment agencies, employee referrals, etc.


After the recruitment of the deserving candidates, we aid our client in providing extensive training be it on-the-job or off-the-job training. This helps in building & improving their existing potential. Tapping into the undiscovered potential of the candidate works as a motivator for both, the organization as well as the candidate.


The selected workforces’ performance is also evaluated by our team under many categories and at all stages to offer your venture the best. The time duration of hiring & training depends on various factors like availability of workforce, their skill set, availability of work, etc.


Proper training helps the clients in improving the overall productivity of the venture and paves the way in further recognition as an established & trustworthy source.


A Workforce dedicated to its work and completing all the tasks & goals within the framed deadlines is the service we deliver to our clients. If the employees are working up to their maximum potential, there would be fewer internal problems in the venture and it would lead to better & happy customer feedbacks.


Our team specializes in employee hiring & training program and believes in the motto of consistent efforts lead to bigger achievements.


  • Target Audience

    Our main focus is to cater to the diverse needs of our customer base, therefore we are dynamic and keep evolving to current trends.

  • Location Finalization

    We find the best location for your venture that ensures maximum customer walk-ins, resulting in good sales.

  • Concept Development

    Our experts conceptualize, visualize,and design the initial stage of setting up your venture by considering all important aspects.

  • Staffing

    This includes conducting chef trials, menu trials, and trials for the front office through a rigorous procedure to get the best suitable employees for the job.

  • Technology & Marketing

    In our field of work, staying up to date with technology and marketing strategies is inclusive in our service. We help your venture get the recognition it deserves.