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Menu Planning & Engineering

We take special care that the menu lies in sync with your restaurant format and also work as a branding element for both of them.

Menu Planning & Engineering

A menu plays an extremely important role in the continuation of a restaurant or a food outlet. It is the only way a customer gets informed about what the outlet has to offer at what rates.


Under our menu designing team, we have separate departments for graphic designers, marketing strategies & planning, and managerial accounting.


For the menu to be a masterpiece, it has to be formed into a desirable layout. Our team of graphic designers put in the hard work required to make the display on the menu in alignment with the customers’ expectations & make it visually attractive.

The Menu planning & engineering process includes various steps to final output. We consider the requirements of our clients to plan the basic structure & design, follow the hit-&-trial method to see what fits the best descriptions given by our client. After that, we conduct a survey regarding the customers’ choice in food & locations depending on all age groups.


Based on the above logistics we assist the client in matters of estimating profit per person and the popularity of a certain menu item. The accurate & uniform alignment of dishes on the menu of the outlet and categorizing them in an order soothing to the customers’ eyes. Other important steps towards which we work are eliminating the clutter from the menu, adding value, pictures & descriptions under items, and other necessary information which shall increase the customer interaction.


Our managerial accounting team ensures the optimal pricing of the menu items and USP which provides an edge over other competitors.


  • Target Audience

    Our main focus is to cater to the diverse needs of our customer base, therefore we are dynamic and keep evolving to current trends.

  • Location Finalization

    We find the best location for your venture that ensures maximum customer walk-ins, resulting in good sales.

  • Concept Development

    Our experts conceptualize, visualize,and design the initial stage of setting up your venture by considering all important aspects.

  • Staffing

    This includes conducting chef trials, menu trials, and trials for the front office through a rigorous procedure to get the best suitable employees for the job.

  • Technology & Marketing

    In our field of work, staying up to date with technology and marketing strategies is inclusive in our service. We help your venture get the recognition it deserves.